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The new  line of treatments and cosmetic products promotes beauty through dermatological innovation, genuineness, and the rebalancing of cellular dynamics. Arianna’s passion has always been to devote her heart and soul to a great idea: beauty is harmony and psycho-physical balance, achieved by the Way of the TAO, which leads to a natural order and well-being through the free flow of energy.

The exclusive and high-performance products of the new cosmetic line allow for deep treatment of skin imbalances, and evoke the unique atmosphere of Lake Garda’s natural beauty.

The number one priority is to remove stress and detoxify, rebalance, and regenerate; the results are extraordinary, immediately visible, and long-lasting. Our treatments and products, based on the extracts of plants typical of the Limone sul Garda territory, which is famous around the world as the home of the elixir of long life and part of the DNA of its residents, ensure a highly-professional response to your beauty needs.

Several plant species are used in the creation of this cosmetic collection, to enhance beauty and keep your skin healthy

Our treatments and products, based on the extracts of plants typical of the Lake Garda

Lemons and Citrons, wonderful Fruits of the Lemon grove, supply Vitamin C, Enzymes, and Hydroxy Acids to detoxify, exfoliate, oxygenate, and brighten the skin.

Myriad flowers, including Geraniums and Oleanders, provide delicate and enveloping essences; a tender vitamin E Rose Oil regenerates cells and combats the effects of ageing, while the presence of Vitamin F helps to reconstruct lipids and promotes proper cellular cohesion; hibiscus flower extract compacts the dermis, fills in wrinkles, and has a significant lifting effect.

Powerful antioxidants, Omega 3 extracted from Borage, and Flavonoids from the Mullein plant protect the skin’s cellular DNA.
Phytomelatonin, extracted from oats and Yarrow, which modulates life cycles, introduces the concept of Tao psycho-cosmetics: it lifts and revitalises the skin and restores an extraordinary sense of well-being and joy to both body
and mind.

From the centuries-old Olive Trees belonging to the Risatti family, prestigious and exclusive Olive Oil provides antioxidant vitamins and precious unsaponifiables that stimulate skin regeneration from within for a new, youthful appearance. GREEN LIFE for human, animal and environmental well-being!

Formulated in accordance with the philosophy that has always distinguished the Tao Center, our products contain no petrolatum, SLE, or parabens.
We prefer plant-based preservatives, colourants, and emulsifiers and perfumes purified of any allergens.

elisir d'arianna, prodotti naturali per il viso, per ogni tipo di pelle


MONDO LINE: from the natural world of Lake Garda. a cleansing line composed of different products to tackle various skin imbalances.

PURO LINE: with Fruits of the Lemon grove. Detoxifying line: removes toxins, oxygenates and rebalances stressed skin.

ACQUA LINE with Olive Oil. This product line is designed to moisturise, regenerate, and soothe dry and sensitive skin.

ANIMA LINE with Flowers of the Garda region. A line of nutrient-rich, anti-ageing products.

ARIA LINE with Phytomelatonin. Anti-ageing line with a lifting effect.

LUCE LINEwith Omega 3, Hibiscus and Mullein. Triple action to overcome time.

TEMPRA LINE with Lavander. For the male universe and its needs.

centro tao prodotti bellezza per il corpo, linea crisma olii per massaggi


CRISMA LINE: Natural aromatic vegetable oils, ideal after a bath to nourish and regenerate the skin and release tension and stress.

FORMA LINE:This line offers valid solutions to make a woman’s dream come true: a shaped, revitalised, toned body.

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