Tao Beauty – Extra Treatments



Massages where lighter manual movements – to discharge the lymphatic system – and deeper manoeuvres – to work the adipose tissue – are alternately performed. Stimulation of specific acupuncture points of traditional Chinese medicine is widely used to release the lymphatic stases; all accompanied by an adequate and re-balancing breathing method.

 5 treat. lasting 50 min. – € 450


Cupping is a very ancient technique which, over the centuries, has been renewed and perfected, to produce a change in the energy flows of the body, through stimulation of blood and lymphatic circulation. Specific manual methods, combined with this technique, allow the treatment of localized adipose deposits and the firming of tissues, to achieve a new shape.

 5 treat. lasting 50 min. – € 450


The program is composed of re-vitalising and remodelling techniques; it is based on the five movements of traditional Chinese medicine (wood-fire-earth-metal-water); the instruments used in this program are re-oxygenating and purifying scrubs, lipo-mud, modelling lotions and oils deriving from the plants found along Lake Garda. A unique journey towards a new vitality, a new shape and a new tone of the body and mind.

 5 treat. lasting 50 min. – € 450


Techniques and active and stimulating manual movements to loosen muscular tensions and reduce levels of cortisol, encouraging the production of endorphins which relieve cramps and pain. Innovative techniques, designed to eliminate muscular-skeletal tension and to activate muscular toning.

 5 treat. lasting 50 min. – € 450


This program designed to prevent and relieve problems associated with stress derives from the traditional Chinese medicine basic principles of Yin and Yang Rubs, mobilisations, undulations… movements which accompany this path through unique and intense sounds and perfumes, to reach a profound state of relaxation and well-being.

 5 treat. lasting 50 min. – € 450


A revolutionary non-invasive aesthetic treatment, that combines the Vacuum therapy benefits and the regenerative ability of oxigen infusion, for the treatment of face and body blemishes. The connective tissue massage (Vacuum), already known from centuries of Chinese medicine, increases blood circulation and promotes the toxins and excess fluids removal, stimulating the metabolic activity and reducing cellulite. Pure pressurized oxigen stimulating the collagen regeneration and diffusing the dermocosmetics active, produces an important anti-aging effect on wrinkles, fine lines and age spots, visible already after just one treatment.

Body – 5 treat. for 75 min. – € 750
Face – 1 treat. for 75 min. – € 160


We have drawn from an ancient rebalancing technique that uses the vibrant sound of the single-stringed harp on the body; we have combined this with the most refined oriental and western manual massage skills. From this sublime union comes a treatment that dissolves physical and emotional tensions, allowing the life force to flow freely in a new and powerful stream, restoring immediate harmony.

1 treat. lasting 50 min. – € 120


A series of massages and treatments, specially designed to combat the signs that daily life, stress and pollution leave on the face. A personalised program which through the use of ancient oriental techniques, such as facial reflexology, produces an immediate and long-lasting anti-aging effect on the face and a more wide-spread wellbeing of the mind.

 5 treat. lasting 50 min. – € 450


Treatments where the West meets the East, restoring light and energy to the face with relaxing and decisive manoeuvres, through the active principles of “Elisir di Arianna” cosmeceutical line.

 5 treat. lasting 50 min. – € 450


A program designed to relieve cervical-lumbar problems without neglecting the body as a whole. The most ancient oriental philosophies meet modern western massage techniques, to give life to a symphony of movements, which result in the reinstatement of psycho-physical and energetic balance. A symphony which follows and adapts to the specific needs of each individual, respecting that which is unique.

 3 treat. lasting 50 min. – € 270


Complete range of movements to produce a new balance between Yin and Yang energies, because nothing is absolute and everything is constantly moving just like days and nights, breathing and the universe that surrounds us … to find a new essential balance, at the two polarities that live together in each of us.

3 treat. lasting 50 min. – € 270
1 treat. lasting 50 min. – € 100


Specific massages with active manual movements to rebalance energy in the energy channels releasing lymphatic and blood circulation and fostering its production. Thanks to the skilful work of the operator and the use of specifically studied oils and creams, lymphatic stases are overcome and energies released.

3 treat. lasting 50 min. – € 270
1 treat. lasting 50 min. – € 100


Let yourself be enveloped in this wonderful journey where the East meets Limone sul Garda, a small pearl of the West, with its most precious products: olive oil with its density and its intense scent; bamboo, with its sound and vibrations; the stones of the San Giovanni stream, a vehicle of the most ancient information about this place …. the balance between the energies of Yin and Yang are achieved though the synergy of these precious elements in a massage which involves all the senses.

1 treat. lasting 50 min. – € 110


For those who seek an active, stimulating, functional massage, which involves the five senses. This wonderful journey starts with a specific head treatment; a unique pleasure thanks to the manual enveloping movements which lighten the mind, leaving a sensation of psycho-physical wellbeing. From the head it then gradually moves to the whole body …. a path traced to eliminate tension and to activate a cellular awakening worthy of an emperor.

1 treat. lasting 50 min. – € 100


For traditional Chinese medicine, the human body is a perfectly tuned musical instrument. This massage, with deep and enveloping manoeuvres and the vibrations of Tibetan bells, allows our mind to regain that original balance, and our body, its harmonic flow.

1 treat. lasting 50 min. – € 100


Incense, cymbals, crystals and skilful hands, to be carried away in the oriental atmosphere of this massage which, with the undulations of the bed produced by the movement of the operator, cradles us with sensations that take us back to our ancestors, for a unique experience of release

1 treat. lasting 50 min. – € 100


Manual deep-cleansing treatment to detoxify and re-oxygenate the face. The use of “Elisir di Arianna” products will also give the skin a new light and a more general sensation of relaxation.

1 treat. lasting 50 min. – € 100


Peel& Lift Treatment, a deep-tissue cleansing treatment with micro-granules of diamond dust which stimulates renewal of the cells and reproduction of Hyaluronic acid and collagen.

1 treat. lasting 50 min. – € 100


Anti-aging treatment which makes the face full of light and elasticity, giving it new vigour.

1 treat. lasting 50 min. – € 100


An active, a relaxing and an energy rebalancing phase are the steps of this specific face treatment which, through the technique of facial reflexology, produces a beneficial pro-age effect suitable for all ages. Thanks to this technique, the face, a fundamental part of the body and containing the five senses, will enjoy the immediate effects of cell regeneration and overall wellbeing.

1 treat. lasting 50 min. – € 100


Relaxing manual movements, anti-stress crystals for a treatment which makes the skin naturally beautiful.

1 treat. lasting 50 min. – € 100


The loving care of expert hands blends with the beneficial action of “Elisir di Arianna” products, acting at skin and psycho-physical level to give the skin health and softness again.

1 treat. lasting 50 min. – € 100
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