Tao Medical Care


It’s an ancient medical treatment, now carried out now with painless disposable needles that stimulates the meridians and normalizes the flow of “Qi”, the vital energy of the body. The World Health Organization, has officially recognized the effectiveness in the treatment of pain; but its applications are much broader.

In the Centre Tao, in addition to the specific treatments, according to the medical opinion, is done a cycle smoke auricular acupuncture.

1 cycle of 3 treatments – € 240


This treatment is done through ten microinjections skin made with thin needles on the meridian points, this process allows you to prevent and treat cellulite effectively.
The preparation contains homeopathic remedies that stress the cell revitalization and reactivate the blood and lymphatic circulation. The stimulation of acupuncture points promotes the drainage of liquids, improves lymphatic circulation and determines a invigorate of muscles.

1 cycle of 3 treatments – € 240


Has as its objective the prevention and treatment of skin aging. It consists of small injections, a revitalizing complex composed of 54 + 1 active ingredients that provides hydration and tone to the skin. A unique and innovative method, the result of long research, not pharmacological but completely organic, able to ensure a skin visibly rejuvenated since the first session. A true global therapy dedicated to a skin rejuvenation.

1 cycle of 3 treatments – € 240
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