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Tao International 7 days



Tao International is a weekly program that fits your specific needs, featuring medical and energetic-functional assessment, followed by TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) and nutritional therapies with custom fitted treatments as well as personal training sessions. The program also includes an interactive healthy nutritional method supported by “Tao Lessons Course” and Tao Personal Hand book.

Health is our most valuable worth. After completing Tao International program, you will be able to manage your life to an healthy style by itself. According to Tao Medicine, the main goal is to get wellness and beauty from within, but without forgiving your outer face. In fact this program includes a rich set of beauty natural treatments, 5 for the body, 5 for the face.

  • Tao integrated medical examination, according to Western medicine and Chinese medicine
  • Analysis of body weight and basal metabolism by bioelectrical impedance analysis
  • Tongue Diagnosis in Chinese Medicine
  • Analysis of meridians and of the extracellular matrix
  • Screening of food intolerance by bioelectronic device
  • Personalized Detox Menu and dietary Tao
  • Draining, purifyng, antioxidant chinese phitotherapy
  • PH Rebalance with alkalizing integrators
  • Juicetherapy: fruit and vegetables
  • Snack Tao
  • 1. Five Hearts Massage: Massage of the Water-Fire balancing points, of the 5 Elements
  • 2. Energy awakening: cupping acupuncture points Shu and Mu
  • 3. Tao Refitting massage: Treatment custom of the Chinese acupuncture points
  • 2. Tao Reflex Treatment: foot mas sage by chinese medicine method
  • 2. BEMER Rebalancing: heat-cold alternating stimulation on acupuncture meridians and acupoints
  • 3. Hay FlowerTherapy: wrap with hay hot on the kidneys in the acupuncture points
  • 1. Acupuncture Heaven and Earth: Chinese abdominal acupuncture session
  • 2. Power steam bath: thermal stimulation Yin-Yang and the Tuina massage of the meridians
  • 5. Beauty New Life Body
  • 5. Beauty Energy Tao Face

Private sessions with a personal trainer:

  • Fit Cardio training: specific exercises for cellulite and localized slimming
  • Metabolic Fitness: specific exercises for overweight
  • Postural rebalancing, pilates mat work
  • Tao Hydro Gym
  • Oxygenating walking
  • Final meeting with the doctor and naturopath
  • Analysis of meridians and of the extracellular matrix by bioenergy device
  • Comparison of the new data with the evaluation of the initial data
  • Delivery of Tao folder with your medical records and custom nutritional planning
  • Delivery of the Tao folder with the aesthetic results
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